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New resources launched

On Wednesday, during our ‘Creating online experiences that learners will value session at ALT-C we IMG_4231launched a range of online learning resources that have been produced as part of our Scaling up online learning and Digital Student projects.

Along with our report ‘What makes a successful online learner?‘ we launched our beta online learning readiness tool designed to help course/curriculum design leaders, learning & teaching staff and support staff.

The Online learning readiness tool:



  • Takes you through some key questions which identify your personal or teams readiness for creating, delivering or supporting online learning
  • Offers a reflective process by providing a brief synopsis of your experience levels and will offer further resources to take you forward.
  • Points you to key topic areas where you can review selected resources within our three guides and other resources

We are particularly interested in your feedback on the tool – visit for more information.

Scaling up online learning guides

We also highlighted our three scaling up online learning guides which can help with the processes and decisions involved in scaling up online learning at an organisational level. All three guides offer a set of useful checklists to help assess institutional readiness and include examples of useful tools, techniques and approaches. The guides are:

IMG_2639 (003)1. Scaling up online learning guide – providing a strategic view of different models and the implications of implementing online learning at an institutional level. This guide will be of particular interest to senior managers such as pro vice chancellors and directors of learning and teaching.

2. Curriculum design and support for online learning guide – helps you make decisions around curriculum design and to determine support needs when scaling up online learning.

3. Technology and tools for online learning guide – provides guidance, resources and case studies around the use of technology to support online courses and distance learning programmes.

Recommendations to online teachers

As part of an overview of the ‘What makes a successful online learner?‘ report, Helen Beetham shared a list of recommendations for online teachers during the session – for the full presentation that we gave, see below and for more detail on the work, findings and recommendations of the study, download the report.

  • Teach responsively, with consideration to learners’ different: motivations, interests, learning histories and resources
  • Prepare online learners to study online: norms, practices, expectations, good study habits, functional access
  • Enable learners to use their own devices, services and skills
  • Support access to rich and diverse learning content
  • Provide a digital environment that is accessible, social and personalisable: open (for some learners); secure (for others)
  • Address the barriers to success we have identified for specific groups of learners

As always, we are interested in any feedback you may have on our outputs and are happy to answer any questions you may have, so do get in touch.

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