Demonstrations at DigiFest

This week at Jisc DigiFest Heather Price will be demonstrating the new Scaling up online learning guides and the Online learning readiness tool.

The three guides provide a comprehensive overview of what institutions need to consider when scaling up online or distance learning. The first guide Scaling up online learning helps you consider which model/s are appropriate for your institution and what strategic and operational issues need to be considered. The second guide Curriculum design and support helps you to consider the pedagogic aspects of online/distance learning, and takes you through what needs to be considered when supporting online learners. The third guide Technology and tools for online learning helps you identify which technologies and services can support your needs and what the implications might be for teachers and support teams.

The readiness tool has been developed to link closely with the Scaling up online learning guides and incorporates the same themes. This is a tool to help individuals consider their own readiness for different aspects of online learning. It will help them reflect on their skills and experience and remind them of the kinds of choices and decisions they will need to make.

To find out more about how these tools came about see our previous blog post. To see more detail about the process used to develop the guides and the tool see Lou McGill’s blog post.

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