UK directory of online courses: update

I am delighted to announce that Livework are working with us and the project’s working group to undertake a service design review around the potential of a UK directory of online courses. The Livework team will be looking at:

Prototype screenshot

Prototype screenshot

  1. How a directory of online courses can deliver value for different users.
  2. What would differentiate a Jisc directory of online courses from others in the market place.
  3. What value this opportunity could bring to Jisc, intermediaries and end-users, in order for Jisc to decide whether to commit further resources to technical development and partnership building in this area

Their work will involve engaging potential users and understanding their key drivers and perspectives on the market for directories of online courses. It will also explore potential partners for the project and understand what value these might bring to the opportunity. As part of this work, the team will be undertaking a series of research sessions (both with end-users and providers) until the end of the month. Livework will share their initial concepts/findings in mid- August for feedback, with their finalised outputs and resources being delivered by the end of October.

Running in parallel with this work, the technical explorations into how such a directory might be built is continuing, and will also be feeding into the research that Livework are undertaking. For background information on the prototype, see the post in April on this.

Watch this space!

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