Barriers to scaling up online learning

Whilst preparing for today’s presentation to the Jisc Learning and teaching practice experts group, I realised that an overview of the barriers to scaling up online learning that workshop participants identified back in July hadn’t been shared on this project blog in any detail, so to remedy this I’ve listed them below (in no particular order):

  • Lack of clear institutional strategy for distance learning
  • Cost (mainly staff time)
  • Lack of understanding of what online learning is & what it entails
  • Lack of information on the market for online learning
  • Risk aversion
  • Perceived lower value of accreditation gained via an online course
  • Institutional systems are geared towards traditional on-campus learning
  • Student access (poor or non-existent internet connection)
  • Poor understanding of the roles needed to deliver and support online learning
  • Lack of understanding around how to design an online programme

An overview of the work that the project is planning to do to help address many of these barriers can be found in this January blog post – but please do read later posts in this blog for more detailed and current activities of the project.

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