Learning and Teaching Experts Meeting workshop – 15/10

online learning barriers

Photo courtesy of @Kirstie_C

Yesterday I gave a short presentation about the project to a group of delegates at a Learning and Teaching Experts meeting that took place at Maple House in Birmingham (great venue with lots of tea/coffee and cake around all day). It was a really lively session and seemed to spark a lot of interest in those that attended it. I got the audience (in groups) to choose the ideas that most resonated with them out of the 12 have been posted on the ideascale page and then asked them to identify the top 3 features that they would like to see for that idea.

Two of the groups chose the Distance Learning Recipe Book idea and came up with the following key features that they would like to see:

  • Ingredients – e.g. assets / production / content
    To include: content; support team; media resource; delivery platform; recruitment; MIS capabilities, processes & infrastructure
  • Curriculum Design & Assessment Strategy
  • Contacts (who has used these recipes/origins)
  • Facts & figures
  • Clear impact statements
  • Resource to be dynamic & easily updated
  • Accessible
  • Well signposted
  • Case studies based upon scenarios

The third group looked at the Institutional Toolkit idea and identified their top 3 features as:

  1. Business models that work
    There are a range of different online courses – successful models can be extrapolated from these, e.g. OpenCred project.
  2. Models for learning
    What activities and course designs are appropriate for learning online for different students and disciplines.
  3. Case studies
    Examples of particular successful online courses, their marketing, features, markets, assessment and accreditation, design.

The fourth group considered the Intelligence looking into student appetite for Distance Learning idea, but I suspect that there was more discussion than writing as all I had on that form was “High level intelligence on opportunities” 🙂




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