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Jisc_ideascale_icon_96x96   There is now an ideascale page for the project (http://scalinglearning.ideascale.com/) where anyone can comment on and vote on the ideas that are emerging to address the pain points of scaling up online learning within institutions. We’ve got 9 ideas on there so far (when I last checked anyway), with the ideas ‘Institutional Toolkit on new ways of conducting business‘ and ‘Creation of a curated resource‘ currently jointly holding the most votes. Do go and have a look at all the ideas and if you think an idea is worth pursuing, vote and comment on it (you can also vote on the comments received by an idea too). And if you have an idea to add, then you can do that too.

The best of these ideas will be considered by working group and prioritised in terms of which will be taken forward on the 23rd, so your feedback (and votes) will be very important to this. As an aside, if you vote down a particular idea please do comment on the idea to say why, as that will be particularly helpful to the working group when they are doing the prioritisation.

Get voting!!

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